Terms and Conditions

As a user of the system, you agree to the following regulations:

1. The user commits to use the system and contained data appropriately.

2. An appropriate use means in particular:
- Avoid any type of unauthorized use
- No illegal or criminal activities
- No violation of any legal regulations
- No infringing the privacy of third parties
- No endangering the confidentiality of any type
- No endangering any safety precautions of the systems
- No actions that endanger data security
- Usage of a username only by a natural person. The same username must not be used by two people.
- Obligation to maintain the secrecy of the password and their changes in case of accessibility by third parties.

3. Violating the obligations above, the user is der ennovatis Schweiz AG liable to pay compensation for any damage incurred.

4. In case that the user violates obligations mentioned above, the provider may exclude him or her from use of the system after an ineffective warning notice.